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TBC NYD – Hair Of The Dog Special **FREE**
Planning on feeling like shit on the first day of 2013? Well you've got two options, succumb to the hangover like some sort of scaredy fun shy loser, or GO TO THE PUB!
And the good news is, everyone's favourite shambolic pub rave brings you a New Year's Day pub-sized-load of disco destroyers, balearic bullets, pop pounders, new wave nuggets and most importantly, lots of booze to ward off the fear of the return to work. 
Come and join TBC's motley crew in refusing to believe the holidays are over.
Refuseniks on the wheels of steel (and CDJs of plastic) are:
Emma McGuigan (Hardlife)
Jake Manders (The Idiots Are Winning)
Katie Barber (TBC)
Louis Finch (The Idiots Are Winning)
Michelle Kelly (Breaking Even)
Miles Simpson (Thunder/TBC)
Peter Leung (Balearic warrior)
Serena Wilson (Disco goddess)
Will Webster (TBC)
5pm till very late – FREE ADMISSION!
In the bar, Shacklewell Arms,71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London, E8 2EB