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SUNK crew reports…….

It seemed like a good idea. Hold a free day/night party for our friends, on the August bank holiday weekend, on a boat on the Thames, and invite some quality DJs (Jaime Read and Jade Seatle) to rub deep music alongside ourselves.  And so SUNK was launched and, despite the worst rain of last summer and a boat owner paranoid about noise levels, it went off rather nicely. We decided to continue.

The three of us, Truly Madly, Chris Chippindale and Andy Green, have been frequenting some of the more interesting corners of London’s club and party scene for longer than we care to remember. Over the decades, trends have come and gone, but our pursuit for quality music and deep vibes has been a constant. In more recent years, it’s been mainly about sharing good times with friends and fellow promoters at small parties like Night Moves, Bleep 43, Northern Purpose, Dialogue and Thunder, to name but a few.  

Putting on independent parties in London right now is challenging (as we painfully discovered last week when our venue closed on us), but it does allow freedom to indulge one’s own tastes and sensibilities, pick guests you really want to hear play and shape a party around them.  SUNK has also given us a chance to share our individual, yet interlocking perspectives of house and techno influenced by our clubbing and long term commitment to collecting and playing records.  We aim to keep it pure, keep it deep and (of course) treat our crowd to a storming night out.

And so, here we are, in our second year of SUNK. We’ve had Gifted & Blessed play his live UK debut, a lesson in vinyl craft from Intergalactic Gary, a headline slot at the Transmission NYE party, representation at Field Manoeuvres and we are now getting just a little moist ahead of this Saturday’s event with DJ Sotofett.

Aside from the music reviews, always glowing, on his labels’ output, there is precious little information out there on Sotofett, who chooses not to play the PR merry-go-round, preferring to let his music and DJ sets communicate his vision. What we do know is that he has been putting out some of the most creative, unorthodox and compelling music of the last ten years on his Sex Tags Mania, Sex Tags Amfibia and Wania imprints. Highly limited and sought-after, these records are gone within days of release. In DJ Sotofett’s case, the buzz is warranted.

Sotofett’s DJ style is similarly “out there”, weaving dub, disco, classic NJ deep house, techno and leftfield psychedelia into musical narratives that transcend boundaries, bewitch dancefloors and, on occasion it has been said, induce spontaneous bouts of nakedness!  Such exploratory journeys require time and we are pleased to be able to afford him a five hour set, taking us deep into Sunday morning. 

If you really want to learn about DJ Sotofett, you need to come and join us.

SUNK with DJ Sotofett and residents now Protocol 2 etc etc  

More info here. 

The three of us have selected a favourite tune over the last year:




also link to DJ Sotofett Mix