Styx Bar & Garden Opens In Tottenham

Art & Culture

For the past five years Tottenham has seen a frenzy of creative happenings and artsy events. Now, the brand new opening of a conceptual arts bar and garden called Styx will add even more creativity to the area.

Repurposed from an ambulance repair unit, Styx is being sold as a bar for people who work in the arts (hipsters get your hats ready) and has a conceptual garden which will be a "Venetian Oasis." With alcohol available, a sure-fire vibe of the eccentricity artists provide and a haven of leafy greens to puncture the cement and angular buildings of Tottenham, what's not to love?

The bar is a part of 5 Ashley Road, a new international theatre residency program put together be The Mill Co Project and RIFT theatre. The 'RIFT International Residency 2015' will take some of the most pioneering theatre companies from all around Europe and move them straight into the new Tottenham HQ where they will live, work and develop a unique show for the local community and general public to see. Launch night will be held on June 11th.

You can RSVP to the launch event here.