Studio 338 Unveil Ibiza Series

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Ibifffa! Lads, lads, lads! Is Ibiza still a lad's holiday destination? Or have they moved on to cheaper places to wreak their carnage? Ibiza has more of a glossy sheen to its image these days. One that clubs like Studio 338 want to emulate with a series of late summer terrace parties to go on for the last 8 weeks of the season. The season that was once followed by Autumn, but now sort of glides seemlessly into winter in the UK.

A number of Ibiza clubs will be bringing their distinctive atmospheres to the capital: Space Ibiza, Flower Power Ibiza, Elrow, Sankeys, Art of Dark and Cocoon will all be sticking their oars in. I imagine the distinctive atmosphere of Sankeys Ibiza is managing to conjur up a swaggering Mancunian vibe on the White Isle, like an 18th century convict deported to a desert island. Doormen greet punters with charming Manchester phrases like "ehhh, our kid," "stop mithering me," and "let's have this out in the ginnel," etc.

The main draw of mega club, Studio 338, is its terrace… which is described as "sort of outside but inside, so you're OK when it rains but its outside and there's plants," which sounds good. Can you smoke there though? Because that's really what seperates something from being either inside or outside.

So, the calender is looking a bit like this:

"First up on August 8th is the legendary Space Ibiza, who end a world tour with a special 25th anniversary event featuring White Isle legends Tania Vulcano and Alfredo plus ItaloJohnson, Hector and Bill Patrick.

Then on the 22nd, Flower Power Ibiza comes to town with DJ Piti, Victor Nebot and Maze & Masters. This is one of the most famous Ibiza nights with real hippy roots, and each Flower Power is a joyous celebration of peace, love and confetti and this is the first time the night has ventured off the Balearics so is sure to be special indeed. 

World renewed carnival crew Elrow then pop over from their home of Barcelona on September 5th so expect all manner of dancers, acrobatics, performers, colourful characters and more besides, as well as music from a special guest and residents De La Swing, Toni Varga and Dan Wild. This ‘Rowshow’ is another first, so is sure to be a spectacular day and night indeed. 

Viva Warriors then head back to Studio 338 for a summer BBQ featuring big hitters Steve Lawler (playing an extended set), Claude Von Stroke, Point G, Djebali, Detlef, Denney, SEFF, Anek, Monday Club.

The much loved Art of Dark, currently in the midst of a fine season of fortnightly events at Underground Ibiza, then has a summer closing party on September 26th with some seriously influential techno talents in the form of Romanian Petre Inspirescu, plus Margaret Dygas, a very special guest, Mandar (live), Laurine, Colin Chiddle, Cristi Cons, Charlie Dave Kent and Iain Kemz.

Last but by no means least, Cocoon returns one more for another party at Studio 338 after some already huge shows this year. Playing this one is the boss man Sven Vath with chief label mates Dana Ruh and Carlo Pisaturo. "

Dance outside, but inside, in Ibiza but in London. Goodness me, why can't we all just stay in with a board game?

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