Stop Everything: Someone Has Made A Doc About Darts

Art & Culture

Big film news. We've just been sent word of a new documentary that looks set to finally cast some light over a crucial part of British cultural life: Darts. According to the press release, House of Flying Arrows (as it is called) "investigates what it takes to be a world-class darts player, and why millions of spectators from around the world cram into arenas to watch a sport visible only to the naked eye from 10 feet away. It's a fascinating chronicle of the unprecedented rise of darts from the backroom of pubs to one of the UK’s fastest-growing sports featuring interviews with key figures from the sport past and present including Eric “The Crafty Cockney” Bristow OBE, Phil “The Power” Taylor, Bobby “King of Bling” George, Gary “The Flying Scotsman” Anderson, Michael “Mighty Mike” van Gerwen, Adrian “Jackpot” Lewis and Barry Hearn."

Obviously, this is a big deal to anyone who's ever felt the unquantifiable thrill of watching fat bastards throw small weapons with uncanny accuracy for cash prizes. We're told the film is set for digital release (so we're guessing it'll be on iTunes & amazon) from October 31st. The true connoisseur can grab it on DVD over here We're definitely watching it. Shamefully, there's no trailer around yet, so instead here's some footage of a variety of darts players getting a rage on. It's the kind of passion the fans have come to expect. 


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