Sonar / OFF Week 2013 – A SELECTION

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Callum picks the pick of the pick…

12th-17th June

Various locations, Barcelona.

For Barcelona the second week of June is arguably one of the busiest footfall periods for us, erm musically inclined folk descending upon the city in full hedonistic force. With so much on offer between Sonar, Off week and soaking up the general atmosphere and culture, its a reasonably concrete affair in the diary for us.

One of the weeks defining characteristics, is the simple fact that its a really, really decent crowd. And we mean this in every sense of the term – within reason one can often jump to conclusions and assume that many locals would begrudge such an annual invasion by us motley internationals as is often the case for festivals abroad, but for its own reason (and pending behavior), the attitude and atmosphere is. astoundingly good.

2013 is a bit of a special one for Sonar themselves as they celebrate their two-decade existence with a handpicked host of varied talent. A select few worth a particular mention would be The Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, Modeselektor, Jurassic 5, and a celebratory 10 year mark from Ed Banger with a Justice DJ set and Busy P Ed Banger megamix. Yet even with this persuasive and diverse appeal it would seem the inexplicable bliss and excitement of essentially crafting your own soundtrack to a week of high living, often renders Sonar official somewhat, non-essential.

And in this, we of course refer to Off week. Those who have been before certainly wont need reminding, but outside the monumental number of artists playing throughout the proceedings and general fun to be had at the expense of your own body/self, there are some additional advantages to be had through Off week.

Already mentioned is the enthusing ability to be able to pick and choose; youd be unfortunate (or badly organized) not to see at least one of your favourites while you were out there. This gets closely followed by the knowledge that some of the parties are free. A vast majority of us are a little restricted by budget on such holiday jaunts (myself included), so it’s no surprise thousands of us jump at the opportunity for free partying across the city. The third and final point for Off week is the capacity to party in a different venue everyday and with labels and promoters striving to best each other year in year out, the opportunity to get down in some pretty unique and often intimate venues shouldnt be passed up. Not to say it isnt wise to try split your time and get the best of both worlds, but Off week has some distinguishing qualities that make it the main focus for many.

Heres a day by day pick:

Wednesday 12th:

Electric Minds + Mono Cult

Thursday 13th:

John Heckle, Arttu (live), Young Marco, Luca Lozano, Johanna Knutsson, Mr. Ho, JMII, Braqueberry, Omega III, Sunny Graves

Leisure System Day & Night

CARPA: Rustie, JETS – (Jimmy Edgar + Machinedrum) (live), Jacques Greene, Jon Hopkins (live), Emika (live), N>E>D
PICNIC: Mosca, Letherette, Gerry Read, Puzzle, Hubie Davison, Teeth (live)

R&S 30th Anniversary 

Juan Atkins (Model 500), Mr. G (live), Mala (Digital Mystikz), Shaun Reeves, Nathan Fake (live), Jus-Ed, Subb-an, Vondelpark (live) band, DJ Deep, Adam Shelton, Untold, Bloody Mary, Lone (live), Alex Arnout, Space Dimension Controller (live), Tom Craven, James Cotterill, Aster, Clip! live

Friday 14th:

IR June 2013 presents: Comeme & Turbo Recordings vs Greco-Roman

Duke Dumont, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Clouds, Hackman, Roosevelt, Sei A, Full Nelson
Picnic (outdoor) Comme rec. Alejandro Paz, Diegors, Djs Pareja, Philipp Gorbachev (live) + SPECIAL GUEST 


Ry / Frank Wiedemann present “The Howling” (live), Mano Le Tough, Dixon, me, Henrik Schwarz (live), Marcus Worgull

Saturday 15th:

Monkey Bar

Andrs, DJ Qu, Fred P, Mike Huckaby, Steffi, Tama Sumo, Tobias Freund (live)!, Diego Gamez, Pau Roca

Sunday 16th:

20 Years Of Kompakt 

DJ Koze, Michael Mayer, Pachanga Boys, Terranova, Okinawa 69 (Visuals)

Day: Chez Damier, Amir Alexander, San Soda, Anthony Naples, Jay Shepheard (live), Jeremy Underground Paris, Citizen, Flori

Youandewan, James Priestley
Night: Delano Smith, October, Giles Smith

El Row After Party

Callum Sinclair