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Slowpoke – (n) American slang for someone who takes their time and isn’t concerned about keeping up with the rest of the pack.

Get your Valentines Day weekend started right with legendary Mark E. and up and coming talent Wbeeza (LIVE). The last event with Trickski and Death on the Balcony was such a special evening. If you were there you know what we mean and we loved the venue so much weve booked it again for our next show.

This will be a ticketed event. We kept January’s party a fiver because we know it’s a tight time of the year. February’s Poke will go back to the original pricing however to show you that we care we will offer 5 tickets for one day only. This means that if youre on the ball, youll all have an opportunity to see two incredible acts for just a fiver! After that there will be a small portion of 2nd release tickets for 8. Final release will be 10 with more on the door. There will not be a concessions list and the free guestlist will be very short so dont miss out folkseveryone has the chance to get the earlybird special!

Mark E. (Merc, Sonar Kollectiv, Running Back)

It’s been a long road for Mark. And the modest and unassuming DJ/producer is quick to praise those who have played a part in his success. In fact, as he discusses how his musical career has come about, it appears to be more by accident than design. There’s no overarching ambition or set path to follow; just a basic desire to produce and play the music he has been passionate about since he was a teenager.

In summer 2005 he reshaped Womack & Womack’s “Baby I’m Scared of You” in his now trademark style: slowly but surely layers of the original were looped together in a highly hypnotic fashion until, eventually, the full song was unleashed.

Since then Mark has released on labels such as Sonar Kollektiv, Golf Channel & Running Back, consistantly creating and developing his disctinctive sound, eventually culminating in the birth of MERC, Marks own label, primarily an outlet for his own productions, Merc has two release under its belt now, with 2010 looking to be another busy year.

Wbeeza (Third Ear)

Wbeeza (pronounced double-u-beeza) is 25 year old Warren Brown from Bermondsey, South London.

His unique sound takes in the history and lineage of 20 years of house music and techno with a fresh twist which comes from growing up and living in Peckham, South London. His productions have a striking balance of jacking basement vibes with swinging jazz grooves and tough acid tinges. Wbeeza’s killer live set is particularly refined, balancing the power of motorized techno with organic rolling polyrhythms, bringing some much-needed freshness to the capital’s dance music scene. When playing live, Wbeeza is generally not mixing tracks. Instead he is creating music on the fly from beats and pieces to create a largely improvised performance that is different every night. Crowds at Free Rotation festival, secretsundaze, Tape Club and Watergate in Berlin have already been rocked by his set.

Signed to Guy McCreery’s Third Ear Recordings, which has long been forging the link between London and Detroit through their ongoing and highly regarded Detroit Beatdown series, Wbeeza has found the perfect home for his sound.

Deep, grooving, already with an individual voice, and definitely kicking, this is the House Sound of London.

Our guests will be supported by Slowpoke’s 3 resident/creators:
Jaime Ritchie, Gower Ramsey and Brian Monaco.

From your friends at T bar, Kitchen Party, Ditched Disco and Machine.