Sleeping On Two Roaming Beds At Hayward Gallery

Art & Culture

You can now book a night to explore the Haywards Gallery and instead of worrying about the journey home you can then sleep on Carsten Höller's exclusive exhibition: Decision, Two Roaming Beds (Grey) (a pair of beds that roam the gallery). First, you would enter the gallery through Höller’s Decision Corridors and, during the night, Two Roaming Beds (Grey) make their way to the galleries in slow-motion. The beds are programmed to move in relationship to one another using a range of navigational systems. So basically, you won't be sure that the place you go to sleep in will be the same place where you wake up.

Beds are bookable for one or two persons from Monday through Saturday for the duration of the exhibition (10 June – 6 September 2015). Price: £300 per night (price includes both beds).

To spend a night in the Hayward Gallery's Carsten Höller: Decision exhibition click here.