SMD preview Pt. 2

Art & Culture

TRN: Any plans to trot out any of the guests during the set or are you happy enough just mangling their disembodied voices?

JF: We are not against the idea of live guests but generally we tend to mangle the voices and structures so much that it would mean a lot of planning to involve a vocalist and we like to keep it pretty free.

TRN: It’s a fantastic supporting line up. What process did you go through to decide on the final bill? Are they all your mates and will you be nodding appreciatively from within the DJ booth as each one of them plays?

JF: Yeah, its a pretty amazing lineup featuring legends old and new. We got together a big wish list, and this bunch were all available/up for it. It’s basically people who we would like to watch, so we’ll be there with our anoraks on.

TRN: Joker was one of 2009′s biggest dubstep/post dubstep names. What do you like about his sound and are we likely to hear his influence in future SMD productions? Are you gonna go all crunky on us?

JF: He’s been massive this year. He did a remix of ‘Cruel Intentions’ that got hammered by everyone in that world. We like some dubstep, especially the more druggy techno influenced stuff, but I doubt we will incorporate much of it into our music.

TRN: As you’re in charge for the night you’re allowed to ask the other jocks for requests. Which of their many classics would you Green Velvet and DJ Pierre to play and why?

JF: I’ll go pretty mental if Green Velvet plays ‘Flash’, although they have so many classics between them, I’m sure it’ll be amazing even if they don’t play all their “hits”

TRN: Imagine for a moment that time, money, location, venue were no object. Can you choose one DJ – living or dead – to warm up for your live set and one to close the party once you’re done?

JF: Off the top of my head I’d really enjoy Optimo playing first. They have ridiculously good music taste. I’m sure Carl Craig would be an amazing end to the night.

TRN: Which of the following best describes your post gig activity:

a) Collect cash from promoters, jump straight into the waiting car and onto the next gig?
b) Slip into a dressing gown after a long shower before hitting the VIP bar and getting the magnums in for your entourage?
c) Head out the front to get down and dirty to Green Velvet with Joe Public. Maybe sign a few autographs and do a bit of K if a fan offers you some?
d) Retreat to dressing room and remain there completing a jigsaw till the club is empty before solemnly loading the gear into your girlfriend’s Micra and heading home (via KFC)?

JF: I’m out front with the K every time.

Tickets still available here for Saturday’s SMD Delicatessen