Short Films Event At Bfi Features Live Music From Andrew Weatherall

Art & Culture

The BFI Southbank, London is bringing together acclaimed film-maker and broadcaster Michael Smith (BBC Culture Show, The Giro Playboy, Unreal City), director Maxy Bianco with frequent musical collaborator Andrew Weatherall. Weatherall worked on the soundtrack with long time collaborator Nina Walsh, who together are The Woodleigh Research Facility. The special live event will present three short screenings created by Smith and Bianco, collectively titled 'Stranger on the Shore', with spoken-word from Michael Smith and live music from Andrew Weatherall, Franck Alba and Nina Walsh. The one-off event presents three short works exploring the dockside desolation of the Thames Estuary, the spooky enchantment of Whitby, and the bohemian eccentricity of Hastings.

"It's different by the sea. A bit strange even. Just as the coast lies on the edges of the land, it also lies on the margins of the culture, and has always been a site of eccentricity, transgression, colour and romance". 

'Stranger on the Shore' Live is on 31st May 2017 at BFI Southbank, London. Tickets and further info is HERE.


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