Rony Trio & Josie Charlwood @ Tamesis Dock

Art & Culture

Last week I went to a gig on a boat. A BOAT? What will they think of next? Maybe they'll start making coats for dogs or movies for Lego people… Madness!

Of course, I don't leave my house for just any gig – or particularly often for that matter – but when I heard that people would be playing music on a boat all in the good name of charity I felt like resistance would have been utterly futile. And so, after slipping on my 'outdoors clothes' I wandered down to Tamesis Dock to see what all the fuss was about.

I do, unfortunately, have to make the admission that I didn't get to see the musical stylings of Georgia Grace who also graced the evening's bill with her presence though I've heard nothing but good things about her talents. However, I did enter the room/boat just as Josie Charlwood began her set and was thoroughly impressed by her jazz-infused stylings from start to finish, the three-piece band working perfectly as the double bass and drums played delightful rhythms behind Josie's piano-vocal combo. What made the set so intriguing was the effects pedal overlaying vocals harmonies, used to maximum efficiency as it never felt too dominant and there was a real awareness of when it was right to back off a little. It was a thoroughly enjoyable performance from start to finish and set a wonderful mood for the evening.

After a quick venture onto the top deck, very quick due to the rapidly dropping temperature outside, I returned and was greeted to the warmth of Rony Trio. Once again setting up as a trio, they provided a selection of upbeat melodies with thoughtful, heartfelt songs to create a set that was rife with genuine emotion that captivated all those that had graced the lower deck with their presence. Lead singer Rony Berrebi, who had organised the event to raise money for King's College Hospital, was the perfect host for the evening and a pair of solo acoustic performance from him blended in well between the more upbeat and jazz-based numbers. Closing the set with the good feeling sounds of 'Mystery' was a mighty fine end to an enjoyable night, all in the good name of charity.

What? I'm well aware this isn't general Ransom Note stuff but, come on, it's all for a good cause right?