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Red Bull Music Academy presents Moodymann and the Horse Meat (Roller) Disco at The Renaissance Rooms 4/11/2010 – A Review

I think the question that must be asked as you are putting roller skates on, is how much alcohol you should consume in order to make the night a success. In my case, a lot seems a fairly good answer. Red Bull Music Academy took over the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall on Thursday aided by the brilliant Horse Meat Disco Crew. The star attraction though has to have been Moodymann and his professional roller skating team shipped over from Detroit.

Roller skating really did seem to be the big equaliser among the trendies, the gay prancing regulars of the Horse Meat nights, the house kids and all the media pros attempting like me to not fall on our asses. Imbibed by a few glasses of rose and a couple of shots of zambucca I took to the rink with an even mix of zealousness and caution. The trick seemed to be, to just keep moving. Easier said than done when the majority of people are also trying to do the same thing. Moodys deep baritone, soulful voice guided us whilst he spun a fantastic selection of Detroit classics, rare grooves and early Chicago house.

The problem with having such good music being played is that I really wanted to dance to it. In roller skates. Whilst going round and round a roller rink. Whilst drunk. Er. Was I successful? Not particularly but I gave it a damn good bash. I may not have been the most talented person on the rink – not like my mate who could not only could skate backwards but also pulled a stunning collection of spread eagles out – but at least I looked the part in denim hot pants, sequin boob tube and fishnets. Red Bull, can you do this again please?

Katie Gibbons