RBMA – London Eye – A Reflection

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We were beginning to think it impossible to find words befitting the experience of the Red Bull Music Academy takeover of the London Eye on a frosty autumn night. The intoxicating concoction of thrilling musical talents, alongside the Red Bull standard of hospitality and their choice of possibly the most unique location the city has to offer, the Revolutions of Sound shone as an orchestration of epic proportions.

A plethora of musical fascinators were on board providing musical duty per pod: Andrew Weatherall, David Rodigan, Benji B’s Deviation (complete with live string quartet), Jackmaster and Deadboy, Fabriclive featuring Hessle Audio’s Pearson Sound, Ben UFO and Pangaea, Horse Meat Disco, and Skream, ProGreen, Ms Dynamite amongst others, each taking a private audience to new heights.

Wil T: With barely a beat to speak of till we hit the apex of the first revolution we journeyed with the newly revitalised Mr Weatherall, who treated us to a balearic masterclass as the capital panned out in front of our eyes. Without a care left in what had otherwise been an incredibly stress filled Thursday, imbibing gratis beverage and making every attempt to look like I knew everyone on the pod when in fact I knew not a soul I'm transfixed – read mildly intoxicated – by London at night. When you're at your wits end with the city, along comes an experience like this to revive your unending obsession. The Lord Sabre, if one can even call him that these days, times things to perfection, finally kicking into gear on the second rotund. Ending on a re-edit (or is it Mr Weatherall himself covering it? I can't tell) of A.R. Kane's A Love From Outer Space – which along with Sean Johnston has become the mandate for this slo mo disco sweeping N16 basements and beyond in the past few years – I'm left in dire need to the public conveniences but with a smile and energy that I've just experienced something truly special.

Mr David Rodigan at the after-party at fabric was a very welcome addition to the evening too. What a legend.

Big things indeed! 

Sophie GJ: Whoever came up with the idea needs to run the country really. It’d be easy to blame an atmosphere that electric on the abundance of taurine in the vicinity, but the prospect of seeing, hearing, streaming acts you’d ordinarily see headlining to tens of thousands, in a capsule fitting comfortably no more than twenty people is – and was – outrageous.

The Ben Westbeech pod was a spontaneous choice. Although I was delighted to be in any pod, his awesome take on house, soul, disco and techno coupled with sexy live vocalism, encapsulated the energy and spirit of the occasion. What perfect music and ideal vibe for a perfectly unique experience. Whilst being literally elevated towards the sky, one could not envision a more flawless place to vibe out in London. The city glittering below felt more of a home than it ever has done.

“It was the intimacy that made it so special, wasn’t it. That and the live broadcast.” – Ben Westbeech

Even the silent disco at ground level, the concept of which has admittedly never appealed to me, looked manic with smiles and shapes, and an ordinarily bland County Hall housed bars flowing gratis in the green room. The illuminated pods, flashing circular bursts of excitement red and blue, towered over thousands of spectators where MJ Cole, Tim Westwood and Goldierocks continued to provide the vibe for the silent disco, even when the revolutions had ceased and the unfortunate souls who had not utilised the toilet before boarding enjoyed unrivalled relief.

Title totally befitting, the Red Bull ‘Revolutions in Sound’ took what most people can only dream of and made it reality. For the lucky few, we got to live the real thing – I hope for your sake they do it again.

For some reason they edited out the early beatlessness but there you… still goodness.

Westbeech sounds boom – wish I'd been in both! 

Listen to all the sets here