Ransom Note To Stream More Downstairs With Chupacabras

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We will return to the Lucky Seven basement this weekend as part of our ongoing collaboration with the team behind More Downstairs. They have invited along Chupacabras, a New York based artist with a penchant for musical discovery. Over the past two years he has released music on Tutamen and on Go Finger, however, prior to his move to NYC he worked as a resident at barcelona's notorious Nitza nightclub. 

The rules of the afternoon are simple as explained best by More Downstairs themselves:

"The bargain section, that messy and dusty room you can find in each and every second hand record shop around the world. It is the place that makes every record's digger hands itching of impatience…

So what about throwing a DJ in the middle of it and let him do his thing? Putting together a decent set could become a real challenge if you are not lucky enough or if your music knowledge sucks…

These are the simple ingredients:
1. no pre-selected records – what you find there is what you play
2. no genres or styles restriction
3. live broadcast

It might be the best you will ever listen to…you just don't know it yet!"

Ransom Note is delighted to be able to bring you a live stream of Sunday afternoon's proceedings via Facebook. We will capture every discovery, every dusty find and every twist. Lock in from 15:00 – 19:00 or come down to Lucky Seven in Stoke Newington this Sunday. 

More details can be found HERE

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