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Laced with history and cultural decadence Lyon is an evolutionary city which continues to surprise and enchant. As the second largest city in France, Lyon has been somewhat overshadowed by Parisian trendsetters and the social structure of the capital. However, beneath the Parisian shadow there has emerged an inspired community of musicians, promoters, record labels, venues and shops which has slowly but surely led to the development of a brand new cultural hub. One which is now amassing interest both across France and amongst Europe.

The culmination of this creative community perhaps comes in the form of Nuits Sonores: now in its fifteenth year the festival is bigger than ever before, celebrating musical innovation, new artists, digital culture and social development. Since its formation in 2002 the festival has played host to an array of names which includes the likes of Dj Harvey, Dixon, Jeff Mills, Hot Chip and many many more. However, it is the perpetual attention to detail and innovation which has led to its prized status within the electronic music community. This is prevalent when looking forwards to the 2017 edition which will take place at the end of next month. 

Highlights of this year come in the form of the likes of a live set from Actress, ESG, Air, Talaboman, Pharoah Sanders, The Chemical Brothers, Fatima Yamaha, Floating Points and more. However, some of the most intriguing elements of the line up can be found amidst the representation of new faces: Marie Davidson, Mr TC, Aurora Halal and AJ Tracey. The line up is neatly rounded off with a fair and equal representation of local French talent, something which demonstrates the evolutionary nature of French electronic music and the commitment of a number of key players. The Pilotwings, Sentiments, Macadam Mambo and Bambounou are to name but a few. 

As a city Lyon is beginning to receive much due respect. This is largely due to institutions such as Le Sucre, Terminal Club, Le Petit Salon, Sofa Records, Chez Emile and Grooveedge Records. Such clubs and record shops have opened doors to a new network of producers, dj's and artists as the sound of a city evolves. 

This sense of diversity and interaction between people and venues is something which Nuits Sonores has prided itself upon. The festival is split across a number of different spaces with around fifty venues taking part respectively. This in itself creates a sense of community and outreach which is sometimes amiss from the festival experience. 

Nuits Sonores is an interesting and inspired take upon a genre which doesn't tend to stand still for terribly long. It will take place in Lyon between the 23rd and 28th of May next month. 


– The Black Madonna back to back with Optimo at La Sucrière on the 25th of May at 19:30.

– Dj Marfox at the Lisbon showcase at Les Subsistances on the 25th of May at 19:30. 

– Marie Davidson and Aurora Halal at Fagor Brandt on the 26th of May from 22:40.

– Actress at La Sucrière on the 27th of May at 19:45.

More details and full listings can be found HERE

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