Preview: Meadows In The Mountains 2017

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In 2 weeks time we will be heading to Meadows in the Mountains for the 7th iteration of the festival. It’ll also be our second visit up to Polkovnik Serafimovo. 

Despite its rapid growth in popularity and repute, the organisers have, to their credit stuck by their principle of offering a spectacular, 850 metre high platform for a range of new and unsigned artists to showcase their talents. 

Newcomers such as British producer Golesworthy, Shanti Celeste and Younandewan will play alongside Meadows veterans Bruno Schmidt, Ed Word as well as Bristol party starters Rough Draft.

With only 2 main stages, the festival retains a rare intimacy and for better or worse (almost always better), you get to know a decent chunk of the crowd. 

During the day expect to hear the likes of Gus Harvey and her silky vocals among many others. The day stage is the more eclectic, eccentric stage, where all sorts, some unannounced, tend to make an appearance. Violin virtuoso Marques Toliver’s performance was a standout moment last time around. 

Then once darkness falls, the party will shift to the ‘night’ stage where things get a little messier. Expect Nico Stolen and Ross Alexander to take on the mantle laid down by Henry Wu and Albrecht Wassersleben in 2016. 

The range of weird, wonderful and unpredictable talent is a major draw to Meadows. The contrast between Marques Toliver playing a virtuoso violin ‘set’ and Last Japan tearing up the mountain is a standout memory, not just from Meadows, but from festivals we’ve been to the world over.

If our last adventure up in the mountains was anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. The brilliantly bizarre Bulgarian hospitality is something to be treasured. Hotel meals of sliced white bread and raw carrots make up part of Bulgaria’s (without sounding condescending) endearing charm.

From Basil Fawlty-esque service to unparalleled misty sunrise sets in intimate crowds, the Meadows experience is often other worldly (in the best possible sense of the word) and unforgettable. 

It’s difficult not to be overly sentimental so we’re keeping it relatively short and sweet. All we’ll say is go experience and join the Meadows community before it is less community and more horde. To think less than 6 years ago it was a small gathering of under 100 people. Think early Secret Garden Party with a sprinkling of Burning Man and you’re getting close to what Meadows in the Mountains is all about. 

Visit the Meadows In The Mountains website HERE

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