Paul Kalkbrenner

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Producer/ Dj/ actor Paul Kalbrenner, star of 2008 Berlin Calling, Technos more contemplative answer to Human Traffic, returns to video form to give us a real life vision into the adventures of a touring producer (is he still a DJ if he play it all live?) with his newest DVD where he plays… himself.

I havent actually seen this, so theres little point me telling you what happens, but from what I can glean from the trailer theres plenty of Paul telling us how hes reached this unique pinnacle as live touring techno musician; his companions telling us how hes so committed to his fans he once sold both kidneys to hire a moped to get to a gig on time; and ten live tracks of him teasing out some lush melodic techno to extraordinarily beautiful crowds.

This is lovely stuff. And I am one for a music doc, so I can see myself enjoying this. However, I cant help thinking Id rather be in that beautiful crowd. Just as well then that Kalkbrenner is touring to support the release, doing his live thing alike on the DVD, but in real life. With over fifteen years experience and a great back-catalogue, this shouldnt be a live show thatll disappoint. Catch him at Fabric this Saturday 18th or 27th at the Circus in Liverpool; and be sure to whet your taste buds with the trailer below.

Paul Kalbrenner 2010: A Live Documentary DVD trailer from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

Jonny Hawton