Nomad Cinema: Popping Up All Over The Place

Art & Culture

What is it about roaming cinema seasons right now? Can a cinema not stay still for one freaking second? Is that too much to ask? Do they move while you're in them? Do they brainwash you then wake you up in a mad apocalyptic location like a sick Derren Brown stunt? Do they have little legs? And this Nomad festival – does it travel by camel? Does it make use of the stars for navigation across the featureless desert?

There are questions that Ransom Note cannot answer. But what we can tell you about is how Nomad is a roaming pop up cinema season that is spreading near and far throughout the land like a psychosomatic epidemic spread by the twisted mind games of a television psychologist and hypnotist. Wait what? No it's just a season of cinema, in loads of different locations, showing different films for the remainder of August and then up until the end of September. Calm down.

Venues for such events will be Belgrave Square, Brompton Cemetery, Brown Hart Gardens, Bushy Park, Coram Secret Garden and Fulham Palace.

Bushy Park is home to large population of fallow deer and sits next door to Hampton Court Palace, home once to great English monarchs such as King Henry VIII and King William of Orange and Queen Mary. Here you can watch Guardian's of the Galaxy and ET. Scary films you can see in the creepy surroundings of Brompton Cemetery include Alien and Pan's Labyrinth. Coram Secret Garden will host some family friendly classics like The Goonies and The NeverEnding Story.

Good. Watching cinema outside is actually really nice. And as long as you don't end up abducted by a thought-stealing, sadist magician man then you will probably thoroughly enjoy yourself.

More information about how to buy tickets and where to go and what to see here.