No Fit State NYD Party

Art & Culture

Saturday 1st January – New Years Day
Plus special guests appearing from the night before…
10pm till 6am

Well, its been a week of lows and highs in the murmur household. We were very disappointed (and quite frankly a bit panicked) to hear that due to unforeseen circumstances brought on by unworkable visa issues, Nina Kravitz is no longer going to be able to make an appearance at nofitstates New Years Day party. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and were extremely pleased and excited to announce that Shonky will be replacing her.

There’s only 20 10 tickets left before they increase to 12.50. Get in quick.

Secret London Location
10 early bird tickets available/ 12.50 / 15 adv here on
Ransom Note tickets

After a big year in the world of No Fit State, having brought us sell out parties with the likes of?cheeky compadre Seth Troxler on a stunning new years day affair, Tensnake dropping his?defining record of the summer Coma Cat at Octobers party and two of the hottest?properties of house music, The Revenge & Dyed Soundorom gracing us some magical?musicianship in November, happily we can see in the New Year with another special murmur? event.

The fresh faced French man, born Olivier Ducreux has a natural aptitude for producing has been evident with releases like Let Me Ask U, his remix of Mlle Caro & Franck Garcias Far Away. Back in 2007 every underground club was echoing to the sounds of Olympia a slab of panoramic techno that seemed to have been custom-engineered at the bottom of the sea; Or dancing to his massive remix of Danton Eeproms All I Can Say. In 2008, Shonky took another bold leap forward by releasing his first full-length album Time Zero. More than a haphazard assortment of tracks, Time Zero is blended together with a common theme: getting your groove on at a party and the art of celebrating life.

Check out everyone going mad when Seth Troxler drops his track at Louche in Leeds.

And a couple of months back when he sets things off at Bristols motion for Just Jack.

Check out the recent mix hes done for Techniques latest podcast, recorded this month:

A worthy replacement!

Taking over room two are, Bad Passion, Londons new East end party mafia, holding monthly?underground low-key but high-octane bashes held in various unique and odd ball venues in?and around the east end. Promoted by a collective of DJ’s musicians and producers that go?under the collective name of Bad Passion Project, support to their nights also comes from it’s?favoured two residents, disco kings Felix Dickinson (Cynic Records ) and Phoreski aka Richard?Gteaux (Fat Fuk / bare Fist ) ensuring that the music is always of the highest caliber. 2010?saw the first musical release from Bad Passion on a remix package for A Mountain of One.?murmurs annual New Year’s Day parties are now becoming the thing of legend and after?everyones said goodbye to 2010 we will be forging onwards and upwards towards 2011?starting off as we mean to go on.