Nightspot Cinema To Screen Tron In A Lazer Quest Arena

Art & Culture

Nightspot Cinema have come up with what might be (to this over grown man-child anyway) the best night out ever conceived. On Friday 1st May, the immersive cinema group are screening Tron: Legacy, in Star Command, the central London lazer quest arena that has opened up on Charing Cross Rd. After the screening the arena, which has been styled on the gladiatorial set up 'The Grid' that features in the film, will be open til the wee small hours for cocktails. limitless games of Lazer Tag, and mini club events, all whilst Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack bangs out of the main speakers. They've even got an extra club tucked away into the corner of the venue, where recent Rinse FM guest Geode is playing electronica and future garage, and the whole experience looks to be one long cyber dream- or, as Nightspot put it, 

"Embrace the lasers, strobes and rubber body suits, drink your fill of sky blue virtual cocktails, and prepare yourself for 'The Grid'"

"Attention Gamer! You will now take part in one of the greatest all-night battles of laser quest ever conceived as you face the legendary gamer program, TRON, live in battle with teams of other users! Fight for the Users! Or maybe you want to fight for the Programs. That's your choice. But the only way to win, is to survive."

We're there!

Tickets and more info from over here