Nicolas Jaar Live

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London Electronic presents

Nicolas Jaar Live
Wednesday March 30th
8pm – 1am

Tickets 10 – 12:50

Available from Phonica Records & RA

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Its hard to be sure what has made Nicolas Jaar stir up more excitement than most producers over the past decade, but he certainly eclipses the concept of true musicianship and embodies a pure spirit of the unexpected.

In the past year Resident Advisor voted his as no 2 live sets of the year and praise has poured in from the likes of The Guardian (One feels drawn into a fully-formed, self-contained world of his making), Dazed & Confused (Nicolas Jaar has achieved something that few electronic musicians have achieved before bringing geeky techno fiends, jazz lovers and chav ravers into an unholy union) and his debut artist album was recently awarded album of the month in DJ mag and Mojo Electronica.

The 21 year old Ivy League student has now graduated – at least from the trappings of any young electronic music producer (his graduation from Brown University is 18 months away) and his solo live show has evolved into a full instrumental band. London Electronic is pleased to announce the debut UK show for this new outfit on Wednesday 30th March at the countrys finest venue, fabric. London Electronic is a new formula aspiring to bring electronic music onto the mainstream stage, away from the weekend and in a new live setting. Staging irregular events through the year at fabric, the institution for quality and pioneering sound, London Electronic reaches out to people who truly care about music.

Few are the producers of any age with the cohones to ride a sub-100-bpm tempo at peak time in the techno mecca of Berlin, and fewer still are those who receive an ecstatic hands-in-the-air response for their precocious efforts. It is precisely this sense of risk that elevates Nicolas Jaar beyond the realm of crossover dance music oddity, defying categorisation and captivating audiences at every turn.

Four years after his debut on the Brooklyn boutique label Wolf + Lamb, and the much lauded follow up A Time for Us, whos glacial slow-jams sent journalists scrambling for adjectives, the New Yorker by way of Chile has unmasked an uncompromising manifesto, embodying traces of the past, love lost, and specters of the future.

Nicolas Jaars debut artist album Space Is Only Noise is out on Circus Company.