Nautilus Rising X Sub Club: The Planetarium With Domenic Cappello

Art & Culture

If you’re fascinated by the cosmos then chances are you’ll be envious of anyone residing in or visiting Glasgow around 3rd June as iconic Sub Club and their record label Nautilus Rising present a unique audiovisual show.

The Planetarium with Domenic Cappello takes place at the Glasgow Science Centre and combines state of the art visuals and sound for an hour-long immersion into space.

The software supplying the visuals for this full dome experience, called Uniview, will provide a 360°, 4k resolution screen supplying a 3D simulation of the Universe, composed of the most up to date scientific data available, considered the most accurate visualisation platform in the planetarium industry. It will be accompanied by a score from Sub Club resident Domenic Cappello, played through a 5:1 Surround Sound system.

Tickets are on sale now via Eventcube HERE.

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