National Gin Week At Rabbit And A Chance To Win Posh Booze

Art & Culture

Celebrate National Gin Week at Rabbit Restaurant. Who knew that National Gin Week was a thing? You can't just make new 'National' weeks for anything you like! What next? National German Techno Week? Put Your T-shirt On Inside Out Week? Accidentally Jolt Your Can Of Fizzy Drink Up Your Nose Week? We don't know…

But we don't hate gin here at Ransom Note. We don't hate anything that's see-through and alcoholic! So why not spread awareness of this drink that has been assisting the British people to escape their bleak, urban surroundings for centuries?

Why not celebrate this 28th July – 1st August by sampling the gin based menu at Rabbit on the Kings Road?

Brought to London by talented brothers Richard, Oliver and Gregory Gladwin, Rabbit is a true celebration of British 'wild food' with an emphasis on sustainability. But what is the wild food of Britain? Please don't mean the cast of the Animals Of Farthing Wood! Oh God!

(It actually means an emphasis on foraged food)

Also in honour of National Gin Week, the Gladwin brothers are offering one lucky diner a chance to win a bottle of Adnams Gin by tagging #Rabbit in any Instagram postSo get a-tagging and maybe you could be imbibing free quality gin like a cheerful, high class Victorian lady of the night!

For more details and a chance to see whether Badger and Weasel end up on the menu here.