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First and foremost we need to apologise to everyone who downloaded our exclusive mix last week thinking it was Gerd Janson, when in fact it was Tom Demac’s from the previous week. Here’s the correct link to Gerd’s mix

This weekend we finally get to dance to the sounds Tensnake, Gerd Janson, Tom Demac and Geddes. Over the past few weeks we’ve been delving in head first to find out a bit more about these artists, what makes them tick, what goes through their head before the worlds about to end…This week, its murmur man Geddes’s turn.

You’ve all been utterly great in getting your tickets. We’re down to our last handful of pre-sales which you can get here, if you’re not quick enough to get them in advance there will be a limited amount of tickets on the door priced 15.

Venue details revealed:

12-18 Hoxton Street, London N1 6NG.

Right, see you on the dancefloor

Saturday 2nd October
10pm till 6am10/15 in advance / The last few 8 early bird tickets available from

Tensnake Live
Gerd Janson
Running Back/Robert Johnson
Tom Demac
Live – murmur

Geddes Interview

What specifics about an event make it a special night for you? Location? Audience? Capacity? Time?

For me the most important elements of having a great experience are the sound, location and the people. Being in a small venue or a festival and having all three things marry can mean magic, those moments we remember. Im always looking for the perfect experience and try to project that into the events Im involved with, take one of them away and I feel something is missing

What is your guiltiest musical pleasure?
I was clearing out some records from my collection the other day and found a copy of the 80s band Bros, not sure how it got there maybe it belonged to my sister.

Name one fact about you that the public didnt know about until now!
There is such a thing called mullet yoga

Youre going to a fancy dress party where you can dress as anything; what / who would you be?
Recent fancy dress outings have included female Gladiator and a penguin, not sure whats next. Quite happy to receive suggestions.

Name your favourite record cover; where were you, what drew you to it, how long have you had it for?
My favourite record cover is Carly Simon Why which has been its a pretty standard cover with Carly looking hot on the front, as like most the 80s covers did back then. However theres something about it that always brings a smile to my face, it reminds me of good times and good friends. Its been consistently in my playlists over the years.