Moscoman, Mehmet Aslan & Les Yeux Orange In Peckham This Weekend

Art & Culture

Take three things we love, add in a souciant of a great club night and plonk it in Peckham. This weekend our favourite Disco Halal people (Moscoman and Mehmet Aslan) and Les Yeux Orange (our 'magazine from another mother') are all gracing the two's at that sound pool hall Canavan's. Hardbody's words that describe this are again some of R$N's favourites: Left-field electronics, Turkish disco and dancefloor curiosities from across Europe, Brazil and the Middle East.

We'll be there. 

Hardbody – Moscoman b2b Mehmet Aslan & Les Yeux Orange takes place 22nd April 2016 at Canavan's, Peckham, London. For full info take a look HERE.