Momentum To Hold Fundraiser At Prince Of Wales, Brixton

Art & Culture

Were you to believe media reports, a Momentum Christmas fund raiser would open with an emotional reading from Joe Stalin's diaries and end with Hilary Benn being dragged in by the bollocks to be ceremonially burnt in a wicker man carved in a horrific likeness of Tony Blair. Yes, in many ways that would be an amazing party, no, it's not what they've got planned.  Instead, the grass roots movement that sprung up to support new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is proving how truly crazed they are by – wait for it- sticking on some speakers, bands and DJs. Taking place on December 18th at Brixton's Prince of Wales pub, the Momentum Xmas Party features appearances from Diane Abbott MP, Josie Long (the comedian, writer and co-founder of Arts Emergency) and Lorraine Solomons (co-founder of Success Express, the promotion company and network), plus local and national Momentum activists. 

Following speakers, live music comes from a grab of styles; operatic composer Keith Burstein, singer-songwriter Maz O'Connor and jazz-electronics from The Marzec Group. Finally DJs Dr. Punkenstein, Jimmy Choons and Calvin De Kline play party soul, disco, rock n roll and RnB.

Tickets are £6, with the money going to Momentum. More info on the event can be found over on facebook here