Michael Eavis Reveals His Yearly Earnings

Art & Culture

In an interview with the Western Daily Press, the benevolent Father Christmas of festivals, Michael Eavis, has revelead his earnings from Glastonbury. Despite the festival turning over millions of quid year in year out, it turns out that Eavis –  in an endearingly old fashioned stance – isn't a money grabbing prick.

"I get a wage of £60,000 but I pay more than that to my cowman." Eavis stated. "I am not going to buy a flashy car – I bought a Mini for my wife 14 years ago. I don't really like going on holiday – I just have a little cottage in Cornwall."

The profile went on to note that Eavis "builds social housing on his land – so far he has built 22 and another 13 are on the way. Michael's mother, who died in 2013, aged 99, said those social houses were the best thing he had done."

"There is no money stashed anywhere." Eavis continued "We do a lot on the charity side – we aim for £2 million a year. I like to go into the following year on the edge – I like that. I like the challenge. Yesterday, the girls said there is a quarter of a million left over. I said let's get rid of it, send it on to the charity today."

Can someone give him the keys to London?
The Glastonbury 2015 line up is still under wraps, but tickets have already long since sold out. A resale of tickets is scheduled for Spring – head over here to register an interest