Metro to host Pender Street Steppers, Simoncino & more in Berlin

Art & Culture

The acclaimed party run by Michal Zietara will take place on the 18th of October later this month. He will be joined by an eclectic and exciting array of musical guests including Nick Anthony Simoncino who is best known for releases on Creme Organisation, Vibraphone Records, LIES, Rowtag and more. Pender Street Steppers, the dyanmic duo from Vancouver, with a close affiliation to Mood Hut will also play a rare Berlin set on the night. 

Other guests include Marcella, An On Bast, Tamaa, Tham, Acierate, Charlie Smooth, Tuff Rubber, Jason, Niklas Niklasson and Michal Zietara himself. The party will be run across the playground that is Salon Zur wilden Renate and it's multitude of rooms. 

More details can be found HERE