+ Mango Diary – 5 +

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+++ Mango Diary – 5 ++++

Name: Kidney
Origin: China (?)
Size: 6.5 x 4.5 x 3 cm
Weight: 49g

A tiny fruit, little bigger than a walnut, and easily be held in the
palm. This makes it easy to eat: when ripe enough, just peel it a bit
like a lychee. In fact, the stone is so thin, its almost possible to
miss it. They can be very colorful, a rainbow of green, through to
yellow and red, although these particular specimens are relatively
monochrome, perhaps because its nearing the end of their season.
Inside, the fruit is soft, and although the texture suggests fibre,
there is actually very little.

The flavor is, just okay. Some kidney mangoes are very good – sweet
and sharp and more-ish. Unfortunately, this fellow is lacking in
character, although given their size I still manage to eat four or
five. They are grown to be bought by the bag full, and eaten with the
fingers – you can’t cook with them any more than you would use Pink
Fur Apple to make a shepherd’s pie.

With a flexible, almost paper-thin stone weighing a tiny 4g, and the
skin making a total of 18g, the overall fruit ratio is 63:37.

L. Shepherd