Mango Diary 2

Art & Culture

Name: Carabao Mango
Origin: Philippines
Size: 12 x 6.5 x 5.5 cm
Weight: 235g

This is perhaps the London Pride of the mango world – about the most
basic type that is both commonly available, but acceptable. It can be
bought in a pure, flat-green state, but in a few days it will ripen to
an even, soft yellow. It is middling small, soft with relatively
little discernible fibre. Inside, the flesh is a sun-warmed yellow.

The flavour is not particularly sweet, but its is nevertheless
stylistically and typically mango in nature – this is surely what is
used for puddings, dried mango, fool, yogurt etc. It is but not
particularly complex in any respect, with not much fragrance, but then
no trace of ‘soap’ either, and its firmness makes it easy to handle.

The clean stone weighed 34g, plus the skin was a total of 75g, giving
an overall fruit ratio of 68:32, but this is only to be expected with
smaller fruit.

L. Shepherd