Magic Door Heads To Birmingham

Art & Culture

People of the midlands, rejoice. An event is coming to you for once. Magic Door will be putting on one their parties at Lab11 on Friday 7th August and they promise that it will be "full on ridiculous fun". Sounds entirely plausible! Entertainment includes:

Magic Door Crafty Girls: they'll turn your ticket into origami and sell it for profit- crafty!
GoD (Guardian of Door) & The Devil: not sure what these are, maybe a Hades type character
Glitter, face paint, wigs, headbands, feathers, moustaches, capes, masks + all manner props & disguises: because no one wants to look like their ugly selves on the dancefloor…
Magic Door photo booth: these are apparently uglyproof- so you can pretend even after the event that you are good looking
Lots of random paraphernalia: spoons, tourniquets… er sorry what?

Music will be Deep, Spooky House, and Discotechno- from the likes of Jukes of Hazard, Deano Ferrino and a secret guest DJ!

More info on that here.