Luke Haines’ Mini Opera To Play In London

Art & Culture

Luke Haines – who you should know as the spectacularly misnathropic frontman of Brit Pop pioneers The Auteurs – has composed a mini opera Adventures in Dementia. A collaboration with artist Scott King, the opera will be showing at Islington's Assembly Hall on February 4th 2015 – we'll turn to Haines' own words to describe the work:

"A Mark E Smith impersonator and members of Fall Group are en route to a rock 'n' roll festival. Members of Fall Group are not aware that 'MES' is actually an MES imposter. Smith is driving a battered Renault 5 and towing a Swift Swallow caravan (possibly under the influence of amphetamine sulphates and alcohol) when he crashes into an Austen Maestro. The Austin Maestro is being driven by a skinhead: Ian Stuart, lead singer of notorious 'white power' band Skrewdriver…"

Haines will perform the opera, aong with tracks from his recent psychedelic trilogy, 9 ½ Psychedelic Meditations On British Wrestling From The 1970s and Early ‘80s, Rock And Roll Animals and New York In The '70s – check out the Adventures in Dementia track Caravan Man below, and see the Luke Haines website for further details