Loose Lips Set For 1st Anniversary Party

Art & Culture

Everyone loves a good birthday paarty and there's very little in this world more precious than celebrate a birthday for the very first time. The folks behind Loose Lips are lining themselves up for a big party bonanza on 23rd October as they crack out the party hats and general festive items for a big ol' shindig.

Filled with all sorts of techno treats, the entertainment for the evening will come from a long list of names including Subjected (making his UK debut), Ritzi Lee (his live set with a 909) and Dyad (making a showcase debut). If all these goodies weren't enough to entice you, there's also a bumper competition on offer with all the artists on the bill contributing to the prize trolley. Check the competition out here.

Loose Lips 1st Birthday takes place on 23rd October at Club No.65 – find out more here.