London’s most accessible night, Bubble Club, is fundraising in the wake of local authority budget cuts

Art & Culture

As the clock ticks and time continues along its constant path, change is inevitable. Within localised music scenes, this is an unfortunate but necessary occurrence. London’s nightlife has always undergone various tweaks and changes. Only recently did fabric look to be on its last legs, and famous institutions such as Plastic People have become tragic relics of the past. Party series suffer from the same natural governance, falling victim to changing tastes, venue closures and other cruel by-products of the ever-morphing music scene.

The examples used above are well-known instances of renowned establishments facing fate, covered in the national press and thrust under the broad media spotlight due to their significant contributions towards nightlife culture. Bubble Club, a bi-monthly club night providing a safe and inclusive space for dancers from all walks of life – particularly people with learning disabilities – is the latest tile in the capital's cultural mosaic to be met with the adverse ultimatum of time. Beyond simply throwing parties, the people behind these events run a social initiative helping to provide opportunities for people within the media and creative industries. By 23rd November, £30,782 is needed to keep the socially conscious series afloat.

Fortunately this news has already spread beyond the regular ravers and performers that dance the night away at Bubble Club parties: London Mayor Sadiq Kahn recently donated £13,500 to this most deserving cause. With just over £2,000 still needing to be raised, there’s still time to contribute and keep the party moving. To find out more information and donate, follow this link to visit Bubble Club’s fundraising page.