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9th April 2011 – Free before 10pm 5 after. 4 advanced tickets from Resident Advisor

Horse and Groom, Curtain Road, Shoreditch EC2A 3NZ

Lasermagnetic & Bozak Room Neil Thornton, Johnny Hiller (Space Machine Recs.)

& Special guest Ray Mang (DFA/ Mangled) Ears Have Eyes residents & guests upstairs hosting upstairs joining the dots between disco & house music

Lasermagnetic and Bozak continue their disco love affair at the Horse & Groom

For the March party we welcome one of London’s finest Ray Mang (DFA/Mangled) who will be joining Neil & Johnny to flood downstairs with dance floor goodness. The disco heat has been turned up to 11 with Bozak once again installing their fantastic new Rotary Mixer for the event for your audio pleasure downstairs, while bringing the party vibes into 2011 at the Horse and Groom, which has Toby Tobias, Rahaan, Faze Action, Kelvin Andrew and Moxie all rocking the house so far. While upstairs taking care of the upstairs will be the Ears Have Eyes resident DJs (+ special guest), laying down grooves that take a journey from slowed down, dubbed up house music through disco-funk and techno-soul.

Ray Mang (DFA/ Mangled)

Taking inspiration from the extended disco mixes, dub versions and edits of such luminaries as Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons, Daniele Baldelli, Tee Scott, Began Cekic and Tom Moulton, and the open minded music policies of some of the pioneering early clubs such as the Paradise Garage, the Loft and the Italian Cosmic parties, Ray Mang has set out to help keep the glitter ball shimmering and the disco flame burning into the new millennium! Forthcoming remix projects coming up for Bonar Bradbury, Virgo 4, Soupacar, Gorillaz, Cantoma, Martin Brodin, Max Skibba, 9DW, Django Novo, Rampi, Free Energy…As well as two new Mangled releases for 2010 in the works still & the new Glimmers album co-written & produced by Ray Mang – out on Gomma now!

Ears Have Eyes

The upstairs floor at the H&G will be hosted by the fun loving EHE (Ears Have Eyes), who know how to throw a party.
”Weaving a musical journey through house, techno, weird funk, hip-hop and psych-rock, for the past 2 years the Ears Have Eyes crew have been throwing parties in a secret venue in the East End of London, building up a dedicated following of friendly people who appreciate good music. With projections tailored for each event, and cameos from DJs including Tilman (Klamauk) and Leif (Fear Of Flying/Boe) as well as more off the wall offerings such as live jazz, entertainers and facial hair, the ethos has always been to veer away from the norm and throw a party to remember.”