Larry Levan Birthday Bash At Ministry Of Sound

Art & Culture

A celebration of Larry Levan's life, legacy and music – the official birthday tribute event has made its way from New York to London once again. Fittingly, the event will take place in Ministry of Sound; his 'home from home' in London and a place he stayed for three months, playing and producing music and helping tune The Box's legendary Richard Long sound system back in 1992. 

This event will also be in support of GHMC (the world's first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy). 

The celebration takes place on Sunday 19th July, starting from 2pm, and features Francois K, former garage DJs David dePino & Joey Llanos, The 2 Bears, Heller & Farley, Justin Berkmann and many more. There'll be music and NY street food in the outside area during the day before everything moves indoors until midnight. 

Larry Levan's Birthday Bash takes place at Ministry Of Sound on 19th July, tickets can be bought here.