Khruangbin Reveal Tour Dates & New Album

Art & Culture

Delving into the unknown in complete darkness, the scorching temperature of the sun (5505°C to be precise), which is just about hot enough to incinerate pretty much anything. The death of stars resulting in black holes with a force so strong that even light is unable to escape… The universe is a pretty scary place. But it's okay, Khruangbin are here with their new album to reassure us that the universe is in fact smiling upon us.

Described as soulful, slow motion funk with heavy Thai funk influences, these guys may have only been together for the past two years but they clearly have a somethin' somethin' goin' on. Two band members live in the U.S and the other lives in London; 'How does that work?', you may ask. Well, as well as jamming in person they also do a lot of their writing and rehearsals via Skype. How cool is that? Not only can you pre order their album here, but they're soon to all be in the same place at once, during their UK tour, so you can witness their sounds for yourself. Marvellous.

Here are Khruangbin's tour dates:
30 October: Record Release w/Sister Ray Records, Ace Hotel Miranda, 7:30, Buy an LP and get 2 tickets; Buy a CD and get one ticket.