Juan Atkins Heads To Head Up Nonclassical Joining The Dots Of Detroit

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Over the last few years NONCLASSICAL has been bringing something new to the table. Classically trained, primarily non-electronic artists that are so much more than 'what it says on the tin'. Breaking through the norm and delivering great club tracks as opposed to staying glued to the floors of concert halls, these artists are redesigning modern music, moulding 'classical-club nights'.

This next event run by both NONCLASSICAL and Paris' MARATHON! will see an array of acts joining the dots between Detroit Techno and its early beginnings, influences and inspirations. Juan Atkins, Cabaret Contemorain, Klavikon, Abstruckt Ensemble, Gabriel Prokofiev (founder of NONCLASSICAL) and HeptaTonia are to play at East London's XOYO.

Headlining the night will be no other than Juan Atkins (Metroplex). He's where it all began. Known as the originator of Techno, and specifically Detroit Techno alongside his highschool friends Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, also known as the Belleville Three.

Klavikon definitely doesn't produce electronic music the tradidional way; he creates sounds without loops, laptops or sequencers. Instead using sounds created by pianist Leon Michener via his unique system of amplified prepared piano.

Abstrukt Ensemble is a collective of percussionists who specialise in performing contemporary and theatrical repertoire. They're going to perform a new version of Steve Reich's Six Marimbas, their set includes live looping, processing and a mallet quartet. 

More info on the line up and tickets are available on XOYO's website.