Jaga Jazzist Bring Their Starfire Tour To Brixton In November

Art & Culture

On the 5th November, Electric Brixton will play host to Jaga Jazzist, the mighty jazz ensemble from Norway known for pushing boundaries with their Electronic Otherworldliness. Which makes me think of jazz in space. Space is vast. With the amount of galaxies known to the Hubble scientists numbering 10,000, and our galaxy holding between 4 billion and 100-300 billion stars alone, that's one heck of a lot of possible inhabitable locations… And where there is human life, jazz must surely follow as a natural human output.

Whether or not there is jazz in space, what we do know is that Soundcrash are bringing the Ninja signed Jazzists in for a barnstorming night at Electric Brixton as they stop off on their Starfire tour, creating a unique soundscape with their complex and engaging music in the fitting, rusting glamour of Electric Brixton.

Have a taste of what they'll be serving up on the Starfire Tour:

Find out way more information about this nght, including where to purchase tickets and times here