Intonal Festival announces 2021 line up with Rivet, Northern Acid, Cucina Povera, Minor Science & more

Art & Culture

Set to take place between the 16th and 20th of June later this year, the festival will be hosted in Malmö and will host some of the most innovative artists and musicians in experimental electronic music across five days. 

At present the festival is still bound by restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and it is not yet known what the capacity will be for the event. However, the Intonal crew have chosen to run the event in the spirit of “shared experiences and emotions with friends and strangers alike”. The festival crew feels strongly about such principles:

“Don’t get us wrong, we’re not anti-technology. The field of digital production and presentation is a worthy and thriving one, but it’s a field in its own right and it shouldn’t be used as a substitution for “the real thing”. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it’s hopefully that. And to wash our fucking hands.

So, we’re still doing Intonal, that’s what we’re saying. The point of a festival is to share experiences and emotions with friends and strangers alike; to form new bonds and memories with people that you never met before; to collectively partake in the making of something sublime. This cannot be re-created digitally. Not in any form.”

Names announced for the festival include Ellen Arkbro, Anna von Hausswolff, KMRU, Varg2™, Cucina Povera, Johanna Knutsson, Minor Science, Northern Acid, Sofie Birch and more.

A full list of the line up can be seen HERE alongside more details.