Inaugural Two-Day Festival The Raw and The Cooked Takes Place at Cafe 1001 This Week

Art & Culture

The inaugural festival The RAW and The COOKED, celebrating new approaches to musical creation and creativity, will take place at Café 1001, Brick Lane, London on 28 and 29 September 2018.

Hosted by The Media & Arts Technology Centre for Doctoral Training at Queen Mary University of London, the two-day event will feature practical workshops and demonstrations of Live Coding and DIY instrument and modular synth building. Targeting complete beginners as well as experts, the daytime events will present new possibilities and tools, which are explored further during two evenings of live performances in an informal club setting, including an Algorave.

The festival will bring together many international pioneers in Live Coding and DIY instrument/modular synth building, including Renick Bell, Tom Whitwell, Ewa Justka, Rob Spencer, Lia Mice, Anna Xambo, Joanne Armitage, Eric Nystrom and hellocatfood.

Tickets are available to purchase here.