Imperial War Museum To Host A Selection Of Work Capturing The Anti-Nuclear Movement In The 1980’S

Art & Culture

Edward Barber acclaimed photographer and documentary maker will unveil a selection of over 40 photographs capturing the anti-nuclear movement in Britain in the 1980’s. Edward Barber’s ‘Peace Signs’, will be on show at the Imperial War Museum till the 4th September 2016. 

The body of work collected is a major social document, ‘I see this as preventive photography. The photographs here are both a celebration and a warning.’ states Barber. The photographs capture the major protests against the presence of American nuclear cruise missiles in Britain between 1980-84. The images also illustrate, the at times overlooked role of performance art, folk art, fashion and the activists humour at peace camps. 

The pictures also document famous events such as the peace rally in Hyde Park and Embrace the Base in 1982, which saw 30,000 women link arms around the base in Greenham Common, Berkshire in protest of nuclear weapons being located their. 

Alongside the images Barber will also display a mind map of anti-nuclear protest, creating a social record of both individual and collective responses to war. 

Admission is free.


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