Iconic Images Of Feminist Avant-Garde Of The 1970’S Heads To London

Art & Culture

The Photographers Gallery will soon unveil a collection of photographs, collages, films and videos curated by Gabriele Schor in her successful Verbund Collection, ‘Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970’s’ from the 7th October 2016 – 8th January 2017.

The exhibition highlights the groundbreaking practices that shaped the feminist art movement of the 1970’s. Female practitioners help reflect a second wave of feminism when women's equality and civil rights became a public domain. These female artists ultimately reshaped the iconography of women as the passive muse, surrendering herself to the male gaze. Through provocative, radical, poetic and heartfelt images, artists such as Martha Rosler and Cindy Sherman reflect the tectonic change to the visual representations of women and art.
The exhibition will be a rare opportunity to discover the influential work of the likes of Katallin Ladik, at the same time a chance to witness the work of more established practitioners such as Valie Export. Her work on ‘touch and tap cinema’ challenged the public in the 1970’s to engage with real women not just images on a screen. Wearing a makeshift movie theatre on her naked torso she encouraged, children, males and females to touch her body. Leading to the media reports labelling her a witch. 

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