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D A V I D E S U G A R ( l i v e ) L C M D F ( l i v e )
+ A L L E Z – A L L E Z / H U G O P A R I S / H E A V E N L Y J U K E B O X ( r e s i d e n t s )
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To celebrate them playing @ HVN JBX this weekend, we’re giving away a free download of the Weatherall mix of the very excellent LCMDF here.

I like em a lot.. Le Corps that is. Check some ramblings here.

We’re also giving away 3 pairs of tix. Email comps@theransomnote.co.uk with the subject title “HVN JBX hubba hubba, gimme, gimme.”

Regarded by his peers as one of the most creative artists around, David E. Sugar has firmly cemented himself as one of the most promising talents on the UK underground. A multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer; hes the latest signing to Rob da Banks label Sunday Best.

David initially made a name for himself as a pioneer of Chip-tune (think early 90s computer game soundtracks dragged through an iMac) with the help of his Nintendo Game Boy and other toys like ETs favourite the Speak & Spell. And he has toured the World with Calvin Harris, Digitalism, Hadouken and Deadmau5.

Before signing with Sunday Best, Davids single Oi New York, This Is London was used to launch Joe Hot Chips Greco-Roman label and he has also previously released music on that celebrated vanguard of groundbreaking electro, Kitsun. To Yourself was released as a single and also featured on their Kitsun Maison 5 compilation while Although You May Laugh featured on Kitsun Maison 6. The latter also makes an appearance on his forthcoming debut album Memory Store.

Davids live shows and forthcoming album feature the talents of a live band; a fresh direction to his previous work.

L C M D F ( L e C o r p s M i n c e D e F r a n c o i s e )

Since first seeing Le Corps Mince De Francoise’s (LCMDF) debut UK
show we had been wanting to work with them. Following their early shows we went on an adventure to see gigs in Oslo and Trondheim (via an amazing train journey which followed the old pilgrims way from the south to the north of Norway) and also their hometown of Helsinki in Finland where they played a sold out night to 600 fans jumping off the walls. It was after that gig we decided that we had to sign them.

Rising out of Helsinkis local electro-pop-punk scene in 2007, sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainens musical vehicle LCMDF (Le Corps Mince de Fran-coise) has been evolving an incredibly vibrant & creative style of leftfield pop & in keeping with Heavenlys dance music and pop heritage we saw in this band the same qualities weve loved in all our bands, conviction, tunes & a love of POP!

Currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album titled LOVE & NATURE, produced by Kaiku Studios in Berlin, the band are soon set to unleash their songs and ebullient live performances on Europe this winter & will be coming over to the UK in November to support their debut Heavenly single Gandhi which will be out on November 29th.

A L L E Z – A L L E Z

Rapidly gaining a reputation as two of Londons brightest and most talented up-and coming producers / DJs, their sets are a mixture of all things weird, wonderful and danceable – think krautrock / minimal / industrial / house.

H U G O P A R I S ( D J A N G O D J A N G O )

Hugo Paris will be join ing us for a night on leave from his usual residencies at the Bad to the Bone & Kick & Clap nights.

The Django Django rhythmic mechanic & knob twiddler will be fruitily loop ing and catch ily hook ing your hungry ears with his finely craf ted fly hooks; fly hooks finely tied and then melod ic ally unknot ted, by a well feathered professional. Songs which strike a fine aural tat too on your eardrums with their cyc lical com pos i tions; rol lick ing along sing-a-longs, galloping into disco sun sets like whisky addled and leather saddled ban dits on the stolen backs of prairie wild mus tangs. Kid nap ping our atten tion and tak ing you full belly circle with a throat and muse tingling splash of fire wa ter, some of which spills onto the spent ash of an extin guished crim inal camp fire; a camp fire from which a mal ted bar ley beat lyr ic ally stirs in the spit tooned soot, and is reborn and rever bed, rising phoenix-like with feath ers flash ing elec tric ally along cable, to be emit ted from a sur ren der ing speaker in the deli cious form of song In other words your going to love every record he puts on!

you can also download Hugo Pariss tasty yum yum MIDNIGHT MAXI MIXES here: