Heavenly Announces Summer Series Of Psyche Bands

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Heavenly Records have teamed up with promoters Clockwork to offer a 3 month season of the best in psychedelia, taking place every Wednesday in Heavenly's London home; The Social. 

Bunkered down in the very centre of the city, absorbed in a basement of concrete, The Deep Hum will resonate every week with the emerging sounds of some of the best psych and fuzzed up bands around. With special guest DJs spinning everything from vintage to brand new garage, rock n roll and kosmische sounds for the dance floor.

The name for the night was brazenly stolen from a chapter in Michael Smith’s book Unreal City. Smith has come up with these words in tribute:

"From crackhead tramps to red lights in windows, to the trendiest Campari cocktail, Soho’s all about appetites…“SOHO!” – William the Conqueror’s hunting cry when deer roamed in its woods; and a thousand years later, Soho’s still a hunting cry…

Ghosts linger in this part of town, the ghosts of old Oxford Street that Thomas De Quincey stalked on his moonlit opium wanderings, and over into Fitzrovia’s spectral alleys: Rimbaud and Verlaine deranging their senses in a doss­house off Charlotte Street, Aleister Crowley casting spells on Dylan Thomas in pubs with nicknames like “The Burglars’ Rest,” Donovan drifting down Sunny Goodge Street with eyes he’s not used yet, a psychic Sunny Goodge Street you sense is still soaked into the nicotine stained ceilings of certain bars…

Bars I’ve sat in watching sword­swallowers swallow their swords for a glass of red wine, watching bankrobbers get arseholed with dukes and earls, watching 70­year­old ex­strippers floor Panama­hatted old fops with one punch… the crossroads of London, in all its richness and wrongness, clinging on stubbornly with chipped red nails, still life in the old hooer yet: it whispers to you from doorways up rickety stairs, down dark alleys and dimly lit cellar bars, the deep hum at the heart of of it all…"

The Deep Hum will run 7pm – ­1am every Wednesday night, with £5 entry / £3 concessions. Expect live music between 8pm and 10pm with guest DJs until 1am.

More info on the Facebook page, and the flyer for this week's event is below:

the deep hum line up