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Saturday 10th September 2011

We Fear Silence

Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard present Global Communication

A special one off event spanning the entire history of their production career.

An Audience with Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard: Tonight Matthew, we will be Global Communication, Reload, Jedi Knights, Link and E621, Secret Ingredients and Chameleon.

The West Country Lads re-unite all their aliases for a special one off event at Cable celebrating a multitude of cross genre music productions and spanning over 20 years in the Industry.

 With a vast catalogue of releases under numerous monikers, they will craft a uniquely blended soundtrack that highlights the classics and their personal favourites.

Drawing from Reloads experimental, industrial Sci-Fi flavoured Techno, to Global Communications deep textural Ambience (and ubiquitous Grand Father Clock samples!), the Electro Fun-k of Jedi Knights, rocking Tech Funk of Link and E621, grooving Wild Pitch and Deep House of Secret Ingredients and rolling Liquid Drum & Bass of Chameleon.

Using the very latest digital tools and technology to deconstruct selected tracks at a granular level (the atoms of sound) to extract the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic essence of their works to reconstruct, redefine and remaster them for the modern dancefloor.

The importance of their music should not be underestimated in the story of Dance Music. Always years ahead, constantly evolving and daring to explore new sonic territory and with keen ears for innovation and the all important emotional integrity and soul in music.

From a chance meeting in Taunton where Mark was DJing they quickly formed a friendship and musical partnership based on their shared love of Detroit and European Techno, Acid House, Ambient, Soundtracks, Music Concrete…and Derek and Clive.

Prior to their meeting, Tom had been schooled in production and helped in getting the Aphex Twins debut release signed to Mighty Force Records. They set up Evolution Records and then Universal Language Productions to release their joint and solo compositions and to provide a springboard for other talented young producers such as Matthew Herbert and his Wishmountain project.

The Duo’s pioneering and timeless output clearly influenced and inspired contemporaries at the time the music was originally released and now continues to impact on the new breed of electronica producers and artists who draw on the early 90’s electronic music innovation and experimentation.

You can hear how the Jedi Knights classic ‘New School Science’ LP of P-Funk, Fusion, Hip Hop, Electro Boogie and House Music directly influenced artists such as Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers and was even blatantly sampled by The Prodigy.

Artist, Tastemaker DJ and Uber-producer Andrew Weatherall was one of the first to pick up on May The Funk Be With You originally released on Clear Records. Then other DJ’s from the worlds of House and Techno quickly followed as the vinyl and positive feedback spread across the globe. In fact the last time the Jedi Knights performed in London was at Weatheralls legendary Sabresonic night.

Much of the early Big Beat and Breakbeat movement was kick started by DJ’s such as Adam Freeland, who started to play these tracks as a reaction to the cold and hard Techno dominated clubland. Uniting Fun and Funk, the Jedi Knights brought a fresh energy, b-boy dance moves and long lost smiles back to the dance floor. Which is what they hope to see at Cable!

With unique augmented for Live arrangements and brand new interpretations it will be a memorable set for fans old and new. Not to be missed!

Saturday 10th September 2011

We Fear Silence present Global Communication

11pm – 6am


8 Early Bird / 10 Advance Tickets/ 10 students OTD / 13 OTD


DJs: Global Communication – Live / DJ (6 Hour Set)