Fyf 2017? Hell Yeah!

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Festival line-ups are often a bit like selection boxes at Christmas, all filler and no killer. The last time I remember seeing a festival line up I would die to go to was Reading 1995  (yes, I am old) but then this year's FYF lineup was released and I won't lie, I felt a little bit like Santa was real again. What genius has conspired to book, Bjork, NIN and Tribe Called Quest and 75 of my other favorite bands too? I don't know, but I am going to find them this weekend and firmly shake their hand. ( I'm British any bigger PDA would seem inappropriate).

My enthusiasm aside, they really have packed some awesome acts into the lineup, so here's a run down of what you can't miss each day so you can make the most of FYF too. For those of you not wanting to face the LA heat, Twitter are also livestreaming the whole thing so consider this an excellent virtual guide too.



The golden rule of any festival is to start strong, and by that, I don't mean, neck a load of Diamond White and get on it. Start with a great band and good things will follow. Aussie Punks Royal Headache will provide the perfect dose of high energy to get you on your way. Next head over to the Trees stage for a dose of Dave P a man who will not only bring the party, he will be the party for you- highly recommended. That said Bjork is on then, with what promises to be a surreal and mesmerising set so you'll have to pace yourself.  Next is when things get busy, go watch Anderson .Paak, and hope he plays "Am I Wrong" before you have to rush off to Slowdive. Either way, his dancing/ climbing on stuff live show is not to be missed. Back to Slowdive, given they're from Reading it's always nice to have a reminder some good can come from there, plus Souvlaki Space Station is a beauty of a song. Then, it's time to put your thing down, flip it and reverse it for Missy Elliott, given her pioneering music videos I have high hopes for her live show too. Then you can either finish off the day with the sonic feast that is The Oh Sees, or hop on over to Flying Lotus's set for some cosmic sounds and visuals.



Everyone is always really lazy about getting to festivals early but those that do are usually rewarded with some fun. So for all you earlybirds, my tip is head on down for 330 to see Seun Kuti for a hypnotic afrobeat set that will leave you on a high. Next my pick would be Thundercat, his new record is excellent and his outfits are famously eccentric so this should be a  lot of fun. If you're in the mood for something a little softer though, the marvellous Mitski is also playing, and her soft vocals and clever sassy lyrics are always a hit. Then it's Built to Spill, do not miss the chance to see them play "Carry the Zero" live, truly one of the most perfect songs ever written.  (I'm not crying, you are) After that I'm taking a break to check out the catering and fuel myself up for Tribe Called Quest, which should be a charged bouncy set and let's be real. Bloody exciting! To calm down I recommend hitting up Erykah Badu after. Then sneak along to watch The Faint for some 00's nostalgia before checking out Frank Ocean.



It's the last day guys, congrats on staying with me, don't worry though today has a  lot to get you excited. Kick things off with a bit of Cherry Glazerr, the local act has a raw power to their songs which makes for a frenetic live show. Next I'd catch Mac De Marco, his sets are always crowdpleasers, not because they are cheesy (cool it, haters) just there's something so likeable about him and his friends/ band you can't help but be drawn in. After that take things up a notch with Omar- S on The Woods stage. Then I hope you're ready because it's time for Iggy Pop, The Stooges front man is still going strong, plus you can make a fun bet with your friends on what colour his leather trousers will be too. Then there's a tough decision to make, head out to Solange or skip it for the amazing but slightly more esoteric Blonde Redhead. After that you've got time to squeeze in some Run The Jewels, if their 2015 set is anything to go by expect a full on party in the pit and beyond. Make time even just for a few minutes of Kehlani's set, those honey toned vocals are incredible live and the perfect precursor for the sure to be intense NIN. You'll find me spacing out to Closer and pretending it's 1994 all over again too.

Find the full FYF lineup here and don't forget you can watch it all on Twitter too.


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