‘Friends Of Ours’ Celebrates 1st Birthday With Juju & Jordash

Art & Culture

27th of June marks the 1st anniversary of Friends Of Ours. A full-blown party, hosted by South-East London based DJ and production duo Our Mutual Friend, will be thrown in celebration. Joining the festivities will be Israel-raised, Amsterdam-based duo Juju & Jordash who will be bringing to the table electronic music with a heavy influence of improvisational jazz. If you don't want to miss this rare London DJ set for the duo then come on down, they're not going to be here for long!

Friends Of Ours will be happening, as usual, at Canavan's Peckham Pool House. The Pool House has the vibe of a classic tough-guy-with-a-golden-heart: it's rough around the edges but, thanks to it's retro decor, deeply charming. To add to the atmosphere, Our Mutual Friend will be projecting video loops of Rye Lane using archive footage of the area from yesteryear.

With the promise of good music and good atmosphere, why not go down there for a night of drinking and dancing?

Tickets to this event will cost £5-£7. Advanced tickets can be booked here.