Exhibition Opens To Commemorate 50 Years Of Moog

Art & Culture

The Moog is a wondrous thing, a chunky unwieldy bastard with a face made of wires, cumbersome, arcane and, despite it's quite glaring handicaps, capable of making some of the funkiest sounds known to man. 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of Dr Robert Moog's most famous baby, and there's all sorts of celebrations. First off, we recommend you get yourself in the mood by listening to Tom Robinson's excellent program dedicated to Moog driven cuts. This aired on 6Music over the Bank Holiday, so you've got 5 days left to check it on iPlayer – Robinson veers from Tangerine Dream and Tonto's Expanding Headband to Stevie Wonder and Air, and it's literally all good. 

If that's whetted your appetite you may well want to step on a plane to New York (or maybe you live there already. Hiya!), where a new photo exhibition charting the birth of the Moog is on display until June 23rd, on 170 Broadway St. Asheville, NC. Titled 'The Early Days of the Moog', the exhibition consists of photos of the early years of the Moog synthesizer’s inception [1964 – 1970]. The free exhibition will run daily from 4:00 – 6:00PM [M – F], and visitors will also have the chance to receive 'The Sound of Moog', a 45-inch vinyl re-press demonstrating the sounds of the Moog modular made by Chris Swansen. Originally on flexi-disc, this recording wad included with with the early Moog modulars.

For those who don't live in the States and can't afford out the air fare to go and look at pictures of old synthesisers (what's wrong with you!) there are some pictures from the exhibition available online here. Mmmmm. Synth porn.

moog shot