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R$N caught up with Superlounge, currently at the helm of Soulfooled for a quick Q&A:

How, where, when and why did you, Marc Poppke and Alex Niggemann launch the Soulfooled label?

We founded Soulfooled nearly two years ago in Berlin. All of us had individual ideas and desires to have our own labels. I was working with Alex Niggemann at the time and Alex introduced Marc into the project.  We just wanted an own platform for our music really, you can release your stuff much faster and that was the main reason behind having our own label I think. I was especially tired of waiting months to get our stuff out. Unfortunately, Marc left the label last year to start his own imprint Crossfrontier Audio.

Running the label between all of you as a group, or nowadays a duo – are there ever any disputes, disagreements or arguments?

At the beginning it was quit hard to be honest. It took a while to get everything sorted but I think it’s a normal process when you are starting a label with three different characters J. Nowadays I’m really happy about the labels direction and trend.  Both I and Alex have pretty much the same taste in music and we haven’t had any disputes or big arguments on the A&R side of things.

It must be quite a task juggling the label’s A&R, distribution, administration with your studio time and touring – what’s a typical day in the life of Superlounge?

It is. I’m still in my day job four days a week and I can feel this time issue more and more. Normally I start my day around 6 to go to work. After heading back home in the afternoon I answer all my emails and do the typical label work of listening to promo’s and all that stuff. But the main part of my day is to organize the tour schedule for Superlounge and of course, my studio time! We are currently working without management so it’s rubbish a lot of the time organizing Superlounge. But it’s positive Stress, I love what I do J

Superlounge have a pretty packed tour schedule at the moment including the Ukraine, Germany, Moscow, Spain and Holland just in a matter of weeks – how to you handle being on the road?

It’s not a big stress factor for us being on the road that much as we love to travel and I’ve learned to sleep on plains… finally… hahaha …

Any tips are for beating the drain or travelling?

Stay fit and don’t party that much 🙂

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Live life to the fullest

If you could be a superhero for a day – who would you be and what would you do?

I think I would be Silversurfer. Surfing the sky all day sounds like big fun 🙂

Put these songs in order of musical genius…

The Cardigans – Lovefool

Jay Haze – Soul In A Bottle

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

Nirvana – Lounge Act

1) Nirvana – Lounge Act

2)  Jay Haze – Soul in a bottle

3) The Cardigans – Lovefool

4) Nicki Minai –Super Bass

What’s coming up next for Superlounge in the production line and on the road?

Up next in the production line will be a track called “Your Life” on an upcoming Soulfooled Sampler remix for our friend Rami from NYC with some really nice vocals from JAW of dOP, also we are still working on our first full Superlounge EP on Soulfooled. And if u wanna take a listen to our sets u can catch us in Düsseldorf, Kiew and of course London in the next weeks 🙂

Date: Fri, 6th Mar.
Venue: Oval Space, 29 – 32, The Oval, London, E2 9DY
Tickets: £8 – £15


Check the exclusive podcast they put together for us below:

Superlounge The Whisperer ft. Jonny Cruz Soulfooled 006